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Bonnaroo 2014.
Three years later and I’ve finally returned to the most magical place on Earth. The happiest place, the land of high fives, that radiates positivity.
I spent the weekend on the farm with my fabulous Roo Croo and couldn’t be happier. I also got to spend Fathers Day with my step-daddio on the farm. Couldn’t ask for better.
I was blown away by so many fabulous musicians who truly appreciate music and give me a new found appreciation for what they do as artists.
I achieved a long time goal, to run the “Roo Run” 5K in the Tennessee heat as my “I’m back” after surgery. Although the biggest difference this year, compared to 2011 Roo, was that I physically was not as able as I was previously, I’m really proud of myself for completing the run/walk in 49 minutes (my goal was under an hour). I also felt such a sense of drive while running, due to the countless strangers cheering me on and offering high fives throughout the course.
Bonnaroo makes me appreciate life and the people in it. The people who truly live by the Bonnaroovian code, not only just for the four days a year on the farm, but in their daily lives.
See you next year, Bonnaroo. Keeping radiating that positivity and stay true, Roo.

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